Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catching Up

Have to pay for internet at hotel in Greece. Here I am going to try to catch up for several days.

February 24
Today we left for Greece. We got the facility ready to leave and then took a train to Louven, Belgium. From there we took an airport express train to the Brussels Airport. We checked our backpacks and carried our day bags onto the plane. The flight to Athens was just over three hours during which we could BUY a meal or snack and drinks. Jon Michael and I had a coke zero for 2.50 euros because we were so thirsty. I had brought snacks so we had beef jerky, nuts or energy bars. We had eaten our lunch of sandwiches earlier on the first train.

We arrived in Athens and after the scare of one missing backpack which did finally show up, we met Fontini, our tour company manager, and the bus that took us to the Hotel Herodian. We have nice rooms and are at the foot of the Acropolis. In fact, we can see it from our balcony!

By then, we were all starved so headed down to the Plaka and had gyros of chicken or pork that had been cooked on an open spit. It had the traditional yogurt sauce and was amazing! We topped it off with baklava and sat at covered tables at a sidewalk cafe while the rain played on the tarps above our heads. Then we ambled through the streets window shopping and picture taking on the way back to the hotel. I now sit in a dark room with the Acropolis shining on the hill outside my window while my family sleeps. We start early tomorrow for a trip to Delphi so sleep is next on my agenda. Night, sweet friends.

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