Saturday, February 19, 2011

Market Day

Yesterday was our first full day of classes (and cooking). For lunch, we served a Belgian vegetable soup with salad and bread. It was so yummy! We made beef carbonade for dinner that we cooked in the roaster all day long. It was certainly a treat. We have such a great group of kids that seem to be appreciative of everything we cook. We then spent the evening chilling out, doing homework, facebooking,  and playing games. These college kids are great about including Jon Michael in their games just like he is one of them. We also had a group watching "The Devil Wears Prada".

This morning I awoke to sounds of poles clanging and merchandise being slid along the streets and sidewalks at 5:30.  Then voices and finally blaring American music ("Celebrate! Good Times! Come ON!"). Market Day had arrived on our street. Students visited the market before leaving town for a day of free travel. Cliff left for Liege to run errands. Jon Michael and I went to the market (where he bought a cool mouse that looks like a space ship) and then on to explore the city of Verviers. We had an interesting lunch at McDonald's, his choice, where they gave us mayonnaise and ketchup to dip our fritz (fries) in. Then we stopped by the grocery and bought snacks and supplies to make Becky a chicken salad. She had stayed at the facility because she didn't feel well. Her strep throat was getting better but she needed the day to rest and recover. We had an easy afternoon of laundry, and enjoying the unusual quiet. Dinner consisted of my first venture to order food in French/English at a Chinese restaurant, no doubt. I did end up with something edible for us and we had oodles left over.

The kids all got back to the facility safely and with wonderful stories. We were also visited by our friends, Arlene and John Galloway, from Scotland. They ate their dinner with us and visited a while before taking off for their bed and breakfast in town. They will join us for church tomorrow and lunch. I'm hoping to finish loading some pictures before bed tonight. More tomorrow!

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