Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today we toured the ruins of Corinth. I've never been a huge history buff but it was pretty incredible to be standing in the ruins of the city of Corinth! At one point we were standing in front of the Bema where Paul was put on trial and beaten. One of our boys read the passage about it from Acts and the emotions were very overwhelming. I was a little surprised at my reaction. Then we went to the citadel of Micinea where, yes, once again, we climbed to the top of a very high hill. The view was amazing and worth the strenuous climb. I feel that I can eat whatever I want after all the walking and climbing we are doing.

We ate lunch at a lovely little restaurant in the town. We were served bread, stuffed eggplant which was amazing!, greek salad and roast chicken and friend potatoes. Dessert was some sort of custard in phylo pastry. Very yummy. We drove back along the coast and got back to the hotel in time to walk to the plaka for dinner of gyros again. Good cheap food. I also got the gelato I'd been wanting for a couple of days. More shopping and now catching up on blogging. I'm looking forward to free internet when we get back to the facility. Tomorrow we tour Athens. Goodnight all!

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