Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Night Before Greece

The packing and excitement has begun. Tomorrow we catch a train for Brussels where we board a plane for Greece! The laundry is clean and ready to pack. The last class before the trip has been taught. We have served all our leftovers to the kids tonight for dinner and thrown out whatever was left. All that is left is to finish packing, clean up the last dishes from tea time and prepare the facility for being gone for 11 days. 

The past few days have just been class days where I have hardly left the facility. Between teaching and cooking, there hasn't been much time until the evening. Then, other than what we have been cooking, there wasn't much to report. A few of the favorites that we made were potato soup with bacon and onion and lunch today where we had a pasta bar and salad bar. I made a marinara sauce that we served on penne noodles and Debbie made a pesto garlic sauce we served on fettucini. The kids are still so appreciative and grateful for the food we make. The kids are spending a lot of time studying, planning free travel (which is extremely time consuming!), and making random trips to the McDonald's about ten minutes away for Speculoos McFlurries. Speculoos is a wonderful flavor that is made into a spread kind of like peanut butter and also cookies. They put it in chocolate, too, which is especially yummy. 

I was able to work on a chemo cap to relax the other night. The kids had a good time modeling it when it was done. I started on another project, a preemie cap, but I told them they would not be able to model that one. It is still on the knitting needles. Haven't had a chance to get back to it yet. 

There has been quite a bit of laughing and pranks as we settle in here and get to know each other. One of the boys that I have been "sparring" with got me back by covering my computer screen totally with yellow post it notes. There will be retribution. I just have to decide what.

Well, must be about packing and cleaning and maybe even getting a little sleep. Next entry will be from Greece! Night all!

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