Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home to Verviers

March 6

Home to Verviers!

We were awakened at 6:00 a.m. And off the train in Munich by 6:30. We stopped for breakfast in the station and boarded a train (sitting up this time) for Cologne. The trip was about six hours but very pleasant. It also helps that anyone over 26 has to ride in first class so our students were in second class (which was actually very nice) and the two families sat in first class. It was very relaxing and I caught a nap or two and then worked on catching up with my blog.

When we got Cologne, we stopped for a quick lunch at the food courts then boarded a train for Aachen, Germany. It was only a bit under two hours. In Aachen, we ran for our last train to Verviers with only minutes to spare. The train from Aachen wasv20 minutes late so that caused a rush. 30 minutes later we were walking toward the facility in Verviers.we had hoped to run to the store for groceries for supper but everything was closed so we made due with what we had and had a very tasty vegetable beef soup with crackers. There was hardly a serving left and the kids were very complementary. We had our own church service that was very meaningful and then the students studied and pretty quickly went to bed. We were all worn out! Many fond memories of our time in Greece and Italy.

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