Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Louvre

March 16
The day started a bit colder than yesterday. We had our little Parisian breakfast of juice, tea or coffee, croissant, baguette with butter and jam and then off to the metro for our trip to the Louvre. The former palace was huge with painted ceiling and inlaid marble floors in addition to the impressive collections it housed. Jon Michael and I saw the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, nd the Venus de Milo, among other works of art. After a morning of fine art, Jon Michael and I ventured out for lunch. We took thhe metro back to the hotels where a street market covered the area around our hotel. We out off lunch a while linger to shop the market. Jon Michael bought me a beautiful necklace with blue beads and I bought assorted other things including some yarn for my friend and I. We bought some pears for a snack later and then went in search of lunch. We settled for a restaurant close to the hotel and split a pizza. Then we just HAD to stop at a little pastry shop for something sweet and delicious. Jon Michael learned he loved eclaires and I had a yummy little pastry filled with whipped cream.

We rested for a while at the hotel and actually both fell asleep for a little nap. We met up with Cliff and the McLaughlins for dinner. We went back to the Latin quarter and enjoyed another wonderful dinner (French onion soup, steak and fries, and chocolate mousse). Then we wandered over to Shakespeare and Co. minus the paparazzi and Cliff and Ethan bought books.

Another wonderful day in Paris!

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