Sunday, March 27, 2011

Versailles and Meeting the Mouse

The last two days in Paris flew by. We spent Friday at the Palace of King Louis 14th in Versailles. It was so fascinating to see the grandness and opulence of the palace. The hall of mirrors was spectacular and what I could see of the gardens were grand.Jon Michael and I ran out of time before we could get to the gardens. We listened to an audio guide and time flew. We ended up waiting on one of our students for another 45 minutes as she was waiting at the wrong place. This put everyone in a bit of a foul mood but it all worked out in the end.

Saturday I took Jon Michael to Disneyland Paris! We made the trip with about 8 college kids and had a blast! We all rode Peter Pan together upon entering the park as JM had promised two of the girls that he would ride a ride with them. Then we all split into groups and tried to make the most of our time at the parks. JM had wanted to visit the new Toy Story Playground in Walt Disney Studios so we spent the last three hours of our day there. Pirates of the Carribbean was closed as was a couple of other rides but we still had a great time. JM really wanted to ride the RC Car ride which is basically like one of those big swinging pirate ships except with the toy car in toy story. With warnings to give your bags and belongings to someone to hold and we were alone, I tried to talk my rollar coaster hating son out of it. He pleaded and so I stayed in line outside the ride and waited for him to go alone (a rather scary thing for me to let go). The wait said it was 35 minutes but I was getting really worried when an hour passed and he did not come on the ride. Then I saw him and he strapped in. He made it through the ride with all courage but learned he was much more comfortable with his first assessment of roller coasters! We then went to a live stage production of Stitch Live of LILO and Stitch fame. We realized after waiting in line and about to go in the theatre that it would be in French. We were totally lost! Good cultural experience, though.

We left the park in time to make the hour long train ride back to the hotel to join Cliff and Becky for a cruise down the Seinne. It was still freezing but luckily we were inside the windowed boat and only braved the cold to take a picture or two. It was beautiful and a great way to end our last night in Paris.

What I will take with me from Paris (besides great buys from the market!), is the sound of music the streets, the metro, the restaurants, on the lawn of the Eiffel
tower, everywhere....and I will miss terribly the view of the Eiffel tower blinking and winking at me out of my hotel window.....

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