Sunday, April 10, 2011

Germany -Day Four

Germany -Day Four
April 9, 2011

Today was our trip to newschweinstein castle, the castle that Walt Disney modeled the Cinderella castle after. It was like stepping into a fairy tale. We rode a horse drawn carriage up most of the way and then walked through four floors of beautiful furnishings. The view out every window was gorgeous. Then we rode the carriage back down. The rest of the day was spent on trains and buses getting to and from the castle. It was a four hour, fairly uneventful trip getting there but we had a doosy of a time getting back.

It started when we came down the mountain to hear our bus left for the train station in five minutes. W ran to catch it only to find that they had to repair some tracks and the train station was closed. However, the train company sent a bus for us to take us to a working train station elsewhere, free of charge. So we rode for almost an hour to another train station. Our train took us to Munich where we  had missed our intended train and so had about 30 minutes to grab dinner and get on the next train. When our train left, they announced that it would only take us so far and then we would have to get off the train and travel by bus to another station due to track repairs. They crammed us on these buses, our entire group was standing, packed in like sardines. We rode that way in that hot, crowded bus for about 35 minutes. If I had fainted from the heat I would still be standing because there was no place to fall. At one point we couldnt find Bishop, the McLaughlin's youngest son but then we located them. His mom, Debbie, had stayed at the hotel as she was really sick and running a fever. His dad and I had looked after him today. I had last seen him with John but they had gotten separated. We finally arrive at the bus station and pile off. Then we all puke on to a crowded train and spread out all over the train but at least we all found seats. W finally got home about 10:15. They kids had a singing in the grounds of the church across the street with some young girls that had met several of our past groups and asked if we were going to have a singing like other groups. Or kids were happy to oblige! Now we are exhausted and heading to bed for much needed rest. 

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