Thursday, April 14, 2011

Germany - Day Seven

We arrived in Berlin by about 3:00. We had spent all day on trains getting there. Then we took three different subway trains to our hostel.thank goodness it was right at our hostel. This was doubly important since when we emerged from the subway the wind was blowing so hard it took your breath away. It was bitter cold and blowing so hard it about blew you over. We walked leaning way into the wind. We dropped our backpacks off at the youth hostel. We discovered it was very youth oriented and Cliff, Jon Michael, and I were in a room with a sink but we had communal bathrooms down the hall. At least they weren't coed!

We left the hostel and went in search of the Berlin Wall. We walked forever since our group tends to get lost but we finally got there and took pictures. Then some went off to buy tickets, some to explore, and JM and I set off to find the Hard Rock Cafe. We ate a wonderful American meal (I had nachos complete with guacamole and sour cream!)with the gang and had a blast. Then our family and four students took off to see Blue Man Group. It was the same as the New York performances we have seen with a few exceptions. They played with the German language some. It was a blast and it was so neat to see it through Jon Michaels eyes. He loved it!

It was late by the time we get back to the hostel and even though it was loud, we fell asleep with no problem.

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