Thursday, April 14, 2011

Germany- Travel Day

We ate breakfast at the hostel and then took three subway trains to the train station. Then we boarded a train and rode for five hours to Cologne, Germany. Standing on the platform waiting for our next train we met the group of students that had gone to Prague and the McLaughlins with the group that had stayed in Frielassing when we went to Berlin. We were all together again and traveled together to Aachen and then changed trains one last time to get to Verviers. We were so glad to get back!

When we got back the McLaughlins got an email from his sister telling him that their mother was in critical condition and suggesting they come on home. It has been hard on them to decide to go but we convinced them we would be fine. They will be leaving on Monday and we will finish out the last few weeks without them. Prayers would be appreciated on their behalf.

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