Sunday, April 10, 2011

Germany - Day Two

Germany -Day Two
April 7, 2011

We were glad to have a later start to our day today, we had breakfast at the hotel and left about 9:20. We caught a train to Konigssee and rode a bus out to where we could take a boatride to the island. We saw Hitler's Eagle's Nest high on a hill from the boat. We dipped our feet in the ice cold water, fed the ducks, relaxed and watched some of our kids set off for some hiking. We rode the boat back and shopped the rest of the afternoon. Then we rode back to the hotel and had cordon bleu for dinner. The kids visited and enjoyed the cool evening out on the patio. We enjoyed their chatter from our open windows. It is so peaceful here. Just to enjoy the beauty of the Alps, a sunset, good friends sharing this amazing experience...I think this is my favorite place of the whole trip to far. 

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