Sunday, April 10, 2011

Germany -Day Three

Germany - Day three
April 8, 2011

After our hotel breakfast, our group took off for Salzburg, a short ten minute train ride from our town. Our first stop was Mirabell Gardens where we reinacted scenes from the Sound of Music from the gnome garden and the fountain to the arbor and the "Do-re-me" steps. About a dozen of our kids wanted to film them doing the song on the steps, which they did with two of us taking pictures and filming. As they were singing, a huge group of Japanese tourists came up and started filming and taking pictures too! They gave the kids a big round of applause when they finished the song. They did sound pretty good! The kids were so delighted by the whole event! It was so fun.

After looking around Salzburg a while, mozart's house, little Christmas shops and places that sold cuckoo clocks, we got back on a train and headed to the salt mines where we had an afternoon tour. We all wore cute "Ghostbusters" jumpsuits and rode a mining train to the mine. We also slid down log chutes to get to port of the mines. We rode a boat on the lake while they did a light show on the cave walls and saw the process. They we rode a mine train back out. Interesting experience. Jon Michael wasn't sure the log chute was an experience that needed repeating but the rest of his family had a blast!

We ate at a Tex Mex restaurant that night that some of the kids had found. It was mediocre at best but we had good company. We walked back and went to sleep to the sound of the kids playing truth or dare. Brings back dorm memories of trying to sleep on a noisy hall.

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